9 March 2015

On the premises of Telekom Srbija, a public opening of bids was held within the public procurement for the management consulting service provided by an advisor in the form of professional assistance in establishing a proposal for the privatization model of Telekom Srbija. Only one company submitted a bid – Lazard Freres SAS (Paris, France).

Upon bid opening, the commission established that the bid had been timely delivered and that the bidder had submitted all the necessary documents.

Telekom Srbija will make a decision on the acceptability of the bid within a legally prescribed deadline.

The obligations of the advisor in the first phase are to make an evaluation of the Company, an economic and legal analysis, a market analysis, propose privatization models and prepare a privatization schedule and its methodological plan. Upon the completion of the first phase, in case the majority shareholder makes a decision and chooses one of the privatization models, a second phase will begin in which all activities will be coordinated and conducted by the chosen advisor, from publishing an invitation to bid to closing the transaction.



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