Corporate / M&A

We provide a complete range of services to multinational companies, start-ups, and financial institutions in transactions involving M&A, private and public equity offerings and venture capital. Our corporate lawyers have in-depth knowledge of various industries, such as TMT, Real Estate, Intellectual Property and are therefore able to quickly provide high-quality advice in a number of various transactions in each of the jurisdictions where we operate. Our services include advising on:

Corporate Governance
We advise clients on all corporate matters in the regulatory environment of a particular jurisdiction and provide invaluable insights into the best practices for corporate governance. We help clients in the process of adoption of statutes, rulebooks, auditing compliance, and responding to civil, administrative or criminal actions. Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising senior management of public and private companies on governance matters, as well as in advising shareholders on various corporate governance issues including the establishment of rules for distribution of rights and duties between stakeholders in a company and implementation of corporate governance structure in line with the shareholders' objectives.
Mergers and Acquisitions
We have extensive regional experience on M&A transactions, with lawyers experienced in advising large multinational corporations, sponsors, and lenders on all aspects of acquisitions. We fully understand what is involved in conducting legal due diligence, transactional support, acquisition strategy and drafting and negotiating transaction documents. We provide a complete legal service covering the entire life-cycle of a transaction. Importantly, we focus on the outcomes unique to each deal. We have acted for private sector sponsors and financial investors over a range of projects in the region, giving us a deep understanding of the commercial drivers and concerns each party brings to the negotiating table. We take a very commercial approach to the way we handle transactions and deliver legal advice. We focus on delivering our services in a practical and timely way, while also focusing on what is required to move to the next stage of the transaction. Our experienced lawyers advise on all stages of M&A transactions.
Private Equity

We have substantial private equity experience and we have acted for various private equity entities, management in various stages of the private equity lifecycle. Our lawyers' experience in key legal sectors enables them to cut through the issues and problems in private equity transactions in each of the jurisdictions where we operate. Our understanding of business and transactional experience is invaluable in devising bespoke solutions for clients.

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