Technology & Communications

Technology & Communications

We have consistently been involved in technology and communications projects and our lawyers have advised on the largest transactions in the Tech & Comms sector in the Adriatic region. Our lawyers are advising telecoms and content providers on a regular basis. Our clients are both tech start-ups and international household brands in the telecoms industry.

The global economy is rapidly becoming digital. The Tech & Comms industry is no longer a specific sector, but the foundation of all modern innovative economic systems. The Internet and digital technologies are transforming the lives we lead, the way we work – as individuals, in business, and in our communities as they become more integrated across all sectors of our economy and society.

We advise clients on the licensing of software and hardware, outsourcing arrangements, new media and technology developments, such as the internet, mobile telephony, data protection and privacy laws, e-commerce issues and fraud prevention.

Personal Data Protection

Personal data regulations are changing in an effort to follow the latest technological breakthroughs and the emergence of disruptive innovation. Clients are constantly facing the challenge of ensuring compliance of their businesses with personal data protection regulations and safekeeping of the privacy of their employees, partners and consumers. We help clients in establishing a sound personal data protection policy and legal mechanisms which ensure that personal data is being processed in accordance with international standards.
Technology Transactions

Our market leading know-how combined with our skilled technology lawyers enables us to provide high-quality advice and assistance in technology transactions in areas such as cloud computing, e-commerce, licensing, telecommunications and others.
Network and Information Security

The Internet has radically changed the way of communication and the way of doing business on a global scale. Businesses heavily rely upon the reliable and safe functioning of their network and information systems to provide services that are of critical importance to European citizens (e.g. finance, education, healthcare, transport, energy etc.). As a result, the network and information security are of key importance for the functioning of the single digital economy. We advise clients on network and information security strategies and on cases involving security breaches of their networks.
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